For these we will use the Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM).

Provision a medium size VM (e.g. DS4 v2) for these exercises.

The handouts can be found at: SQL Server R Services Handouts coorresponding to these labs

Analyzing Big Data with MRS Labs - Scenario around NYC Taxi data

For this part we will use some guides with a lot of excellent information found on one of Azure’s public GitHub repositories. Clone the repository when you need the data for portions of these labs. It is recommended to work through on the DSVM, but it is also valid to work on a local installation of Microsoft R.

Keep going with the rest of the sections at to learn more Microsoft R Server.

SQL Server R Services - Scenario around Hospital Length of Stay

Navigate to this site and follow the steps in the Typical Workflow in this solution to simulate an on-premises solution using your DSVM which has all of the necessary tools.